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 Nature, human and happiness

– guiding you to it


  • Kayaking

  • Longboat Equité

  • Mind & Nature

  • Survival skills

  • Recreational day


Courses & Events

  • Survival skills, April

  • Bird safari, May

  • Kayaking, June

  • Kayaking July


Greenland paddles

  • Get your own high quality, custom made greenland paddle!

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Looking for outdoor activities?

Keen on discovering Finlands nature and archipelago?

Arranging recreational activities for your workplace?

Welcome to Outside Kallan!

We offer a wide variety of activities to choose from in Jakobstad and around.

Kayaking, boat tours, survival skills, bushcraft, hiking and more.

Or to put it short: Stress relief, presence and experiences!

Experiences with  Outside Kallan



Outside Kallan is located in Old harbour, Jakobstad

Adress: Gamla Hamnvägen 31, Jakobstad, Finland

Call Johan: +358 50 409 3085

You can also take contact using the form below:

Thank you for contacting us!

You can also find Outside Kallan on Facebook!

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