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 Outside Kallan

Regardless if you´re a curious beginner, or a weathered adventurer, we strive to offer you something new, inspiring and relaxing.

Our goal is to trigger the lust and inspiration to understand nature, and trough that, perhaps yourself a little better.

We wish to help visitors and tourists discovering the things our local nature has to offer.

We want you to experience our nature utilizing the unique everyman´s rights that guarantee us the right to move freely in the wilderness, always repecting and mutually caring for it.

This is mind, we arrange varied courses, events and experiences.

We offer our services to private customers, and tourists, as well as larger incorporations such as businesses.

Our crew consists of two wildernessguides, but thanks to our extensive network of collaboration partners, we can be flexible and arrange events to suit your needs, big or small.

Johan Tonberg

Johan is the founder, owner and the passionate wildernessguide, hunter and naturelover behind Outside Kallan.

Certified wilderness guide specialized in sea kayaking and survival skills, graduated from Axxell (Vigu).

Kajak Johan1.jpg
Susi Leinonen

Susi is a wilderness guide graduated from Axxell (Vigu), specialized in sea kayaking, survival skills, teamwork, alpine skiing and first aid.

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