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Sea kayaking

Experience the elements from a kayak

- Courses

- Guided day tours

- Overnight tours


Survival & Bushcraft

Regardless of time of the year, nature provides all you need for survival.

Learn the techniques to survive on natures terms, and you will be sure to learn a whole lot about yourself.


Mind & Nature

Precence, relaxation and stress relief. Feel nature´s healing power on this hike complete with exercises campfire and hot coffee&cinnamon buns


Recreational day

Treat your staff to a different workday!

Experiences, teambuilding or program tailored to your individual needs.


Longboat Equité

Equite offers you and your friends an experience in the archipelago. Seasoned with rowing, seafare history and relaxation.


Övriga aktiviteter

  •  Skärgårdskryssningar

  • Vandringar

  • DIY-Uterestaurangen

  • Bågskytte

  • Föreläsningar och workshops

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