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Longboat Equité

Longboat Equité offers you and your friends an experience in the archipelago.

A major helping of cooporation seasoned with rowing, seafare history and relaxation.

Equite is a replica of a French amiralboat from the 1700´s.

She can either be rown by ten people or sailed with a rather demanding rig, guaranteeing no-one onboard will be left idle.

Our skipper is always onboard, and for sailing tours we will also include a mastcaptain on the crew.

8–11 persons

Below some examples of our packages with the longboat


Långbåten exempel
Example 1 –

  • 3 h

  • 11 participants (max.)

  • Historical guiding in the area

  • Coffe/Tea & snacks

  • 1 guide

  • Price: Ask for offer

Example 2 –
Rowing & sailing

  • 4 h

  • 10 participants (max.)

  • Historical guiding in the area

  • Coffe/Tea & snacks

  • 2 guides

  • Price: Ask for offer

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