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Precence, relaxation and stress relief. Three keys to well being in a society that constantly demands efficiency, tempo and results.


The activity consists of a relaxed hike in beautiful natural surroundings during wich we do relaxation and precence exercises. We round up the program assembled arround the campfire for discussion, coffee and a cinnamon bun.


Even 20 minutes in nature lowers blood preasure and stress levels and enhances mood. This isn´t something we just made up but an established fact backed up by scientific research. Follow us to nature and we´ll provide you a toolset to return to a newfound peace of mind.

The program can be squeezed in as a recreational activity in the middle of a long meeting or a conference day. Lowering stress levels and becoming present in the here and now improves even working efficiency and cognitive skills.

Or why not start your vacation by breaking free from the shackles of everyday routines  and get a stress free and relaxed break?

2–3 h

Price: Ask for offer

Mind & Nature

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