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Survival skills & Bushcraft

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The survival techniques and theories we apply in modern time are rooted in how ordinary people millennia ago lived their daily lifes.

If we zoom out and concider how long we in fact have been able to buy groceries in supermarkets, tap water from a faucet and live with a roof over our heads, it is justified to state we actually are more adapted to live from nature than the way we do today.

Through learning survival skills on nature´s terms, you are guaranteed to make great discoveries both in nature and within yourself.

The theories of survival and crisis management are still applicable in our daily lives today.

As well at home as in the business world: Similarities are numerous.

Adjustment skills, cooperation, creativity in problem solving, will power, determination, control of reactions and personal growth.

Överlevnad exempel
Example 1 –
Ancient techniques

  • Fire, shelter 

  • Edible plants, water supply

  • Making of tools, weapons etc.

  • 8 h

  • Lunch and coffee+snacks

  • 1-2 instructors

  • Price: Ask for offer

Example 2 –
Course in survival skills

  • 2 days

  • 1 night

  • 10 participants (max.)

  • Level: Adjustable

  • 1 instructor

  • Price: Ask for offer

Example 3 – Lecture

  • Survival and crisis management

  • 1,5 h

  • min. 1 deltagare

  • Price: Ask for offer

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